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Hello everyone,,

My dad currently owns a 2014 Rapide S and absolutely adores the car, especially the exhaust notes from the 6 (5.9) litre v12 when you get it up to speed.

I was looking at purchasing an exhaust remote that opens the valves below the 4,000 rpm as a gift for him ( Something like this) but am unsure about the long term effects of the device.

Is it safe to install such a device, does it void AM warranty, damage the valves etc?

I’m not especially car-savvy, especially with Astons, so anything helps!

Much has changed about the Aston Martin Rapide since it first graced the world’s roads back in 2010. For one, Aston is selling many fewer Rapides than it first envisioned. That’s most likely the reason Aston rapidly (tee-hee) rushed such a thorough refresh after less than four years on sale of the first four-door Aston Martin since that brilliantly rectilinear wedge, the William Towns-designed Lagonda. Times, as you may recall, have been very tough. However, Aston seems to have noticed that the economy has improved as of late, especially for very expensive cars.…

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