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What is a PVC Strip Curtain?

Poly Vinyl Chloride Strip Curtains are thick and long strips used for thermal and acoustic insulation in industrial areas. These strips are overlapped in such a way that it helps maintain the temperature of an enclosed area as well as acts as a shield absorbing noise at workstations of high decibels.

PVC Strip Curtains have now found a wide range of applications across various industries. They are used to prevent the entry of dust and flies making the area within the strips contamination-free, it is highly recommended for areas where hygiene is important.

PVC strips introduced by Pestology are Phthalates free or also known as Non-Phthalate PVC Strip Curtains which are of food-grade quality, safe for humans and eco-friendly.

They are highly durable with a solid lifespan of 3 plus years when used outdoors, while it pulls through for a long time (4-5 years) indoors. These strips are highly flexible making it easy for employees and workers to push equipment through during their daily work hours.

On purchasing the PVC strips the process of Installation and maintenance are the clients two major concerns. Well, the installation of the strips is quick and easy. It is very easy to maintain regularly.

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