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In Lost Ark, sailing is an important part of the game. Although the
gameplay cannot be unlocked until the player has completed most of the
main campaign content. But once the gameplay is unlocked, players can
experience a lot of new content.

Sailing will be automatically
unlocked when you pass the main episode of Lost Ark, and you will get a
set sail mission that teaches you the basics of sailing and gives you
your first ship. Each ship can be upgraded in a number of ways, and they
all have their own unique attributes. If you want to increase your
ship’s movement speed or properties like durability, you need to collect
components to upgrade your ship. These upgrade materials can usually be
purchased from merchants near the port, bought at the auction house, or
crafted at NPCs.

If you want to further improve your ship’s
performance, you can do so by hiring and equipping sailors. It’s worth
noting that some of the best sailors will only ride on specific boats,
so it’s a good idea to double-check their details before you configure
them. Plus, you’ll earn Pirate Coins during your voyage, and you can use
these Pirate Coins from activities such as ocean activities and island
quests to buy items from merchants in ports to continue improving your

The Lost Ark does a great job of balancing the
capabilities of the boats, and it doesn’t happen that any one boat is
significantly more capable than the others. However, if you still want
to navigate the seas as fast as possible, you can unlock the Astray,
which is the fastest ship at base speed and not many other ships can
keep up with this one. All eight ships in the game are good at dealing
with specific dangers, so you can set sail with the easiest ships to
deal with based on the threats you face at the moment. As you progress
through the game, you can spend Pirate Coins or complete storylines and
unlock ships and crews by defeating bosses.

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